What is it like to live in New York?

My hubby as well as I live in a 650 square foot house in Chelsea, which is a neighborhood in Manhattan, and we pay $4,000 a month lease. This rent is regular in much of Manhattan, unless you rent in a 4 tale walkup. There are lower rental fees in Harlem, however that is starting to transform.

Sound is all over. The web traffic, beeping horns, the subway trains, alarms, loud people.

Work. It’s an effort city. Lots of people put in very long hours, whether to make those big corporate and also law practice wages or functioning three work just to get by. It makes the city incredibly active and focused.

Variety. More than 800 languages are spoken here, and the gown, habits and also food are from almost every world culture. As a gay male, I feel much safer below than anywhere I have actually ever lived.

Mentioning safety and security, New York City is the best big city in the US and one of the best big cities worldwide. I walk Manhattan, from Harlem to the Financial Area, anytime night or day, and also have never ever really felt risky.

It’s a strolling city. Crowded and also not a wonderful system compared to European systems, however it goes almost everywhere.

You delight out in the city. Union Square. Washington Square, little Stuyvesant Park, Madison Square, the checklist is long and also they are wonderful areas to quit as well as relax and be captivated.

The climate is unpredictable, and there is snow in winter season as well as humidity in the summertime. Springtime and also Loss are delightful. There are blossoms almost everywhere as well as the wind off the Hudson River in my neighborhood is sweet.

Rivers, beaches, long walks along the port. New York City is bordered by water.

Food. It’s the very best. From food trucks to fine dining, you can discover regarding every little thing right here.

Culture. Extraordinary museums (MOMA, Nature, the Met, Whitney … ), you can never see it all. Remarkable small galleries. Opera, symphony, dancing. And also certainly Broadway. Theater is simply extraordinary. As well as the libraries: some are architectural treasures in addition to warehouses of expertise.

I’ve lived in Charlotte, DC, Philadelphia and numerous smaller towns. I retired right here (no Florida or resort apartment for me), and also I wake up every morning feeling extremely lucky to live here. And also there are four even more amazing and dynamic boroughs (well, possibly Staten Island’s not amazing!).

A tip: don’t ever before neglect the costly component. It’s best to work in hand when you involve live here, and also expect to strive. I am fortunate to be retired, however most individuals work extremely tough to live below. Cheers!

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